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Full Page ad in Auxiliary Magazine

Posted Andrew Davis

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We have a full page ad running in this month's Auxiliary Magazine! Julie Ann is looking great in a Kooky Spooky striped dress -- fellas this one is a keeper! (Dress available here)

If that weren't exciting enough (ok, maybe we're easily excited), this issue features:

"... vintage meets modern fashion editorial, a fashion editorial full of spooky prints for Halloween, a beauty editorial featuring looks inspired by Vlad the Impaler, Lady Bathory, and more, a Memento Mori inspired style feature, and an editorial by Arden Leigh. It features photography by Laura Dark, Brent Leideritz, and Ama Lea to name a few, and fashion by Stop Staring, Eve Gravel, Unique Vintage, Rebecca Taylor, Jeffrey Campbell, Dungaree Dolly, Too Fast, Sourpuss, Cinched Tight Corsets, and much much more."


As always Auxiliary Magazine is an extremely stylish, top notch alternative fashion magazine. Contributions and subject matter range from music, fashion, and culture and feature alternative styles range from pinup to fetish to goth to punk to industrial. Its extremely interesting how they connect and weave together such diverse but related subcultures.

Sound interesting? Be sure to check them out here:

Oct/Nov issue of Auxiliary Magazine
Auxiliary Magazine Website
auxiliary Magazine


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