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CLU Jingle Hidden Track on Lower Town Trio's Newest CD

Posted Andrew Davis

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Our friends, the Lower Town Trio, just released their newest CD, "The Last of the Rebels". Here's a little about the band; The Lower Town Trio puts a hard-driving bright brash spin on rockabilly music. Formed in Buffalo, NY by front man, singer, and guitar player Jason Van Cleve, The Lower Town Trio mixes original music with their own spin on the classic rockabilly genre. “We’re not just dusting off the old classics and playing them like the originals,” says Van Cleve, “instead, we’re delving into the roots of what rockabilly is and doing them Lower Town style.” Lower Town style is high energy, with catchy hooks and melodic overtones that fans have come to appreciate and love.

We're excited that the Cats Like Us jingle is a hidden track on the CD and they have thanked us in the liner notes. Thanks guys, we're honored!

Check out our interview with the band here and check out the CD here!

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