Green Marqo- Coco Coconut Mug - Cats Like Us
Green Marqo- Coco Coconut Mug - Cats Like Us
Tiki Farm

Green Marqo- Coco Coconut Mug

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Tiki Farm writes, "Our “Marqo-Coco” Coconut mug, designed by Flounder, takes the iconic imagery of the classic coconut mug and melds it with a Marquesan style, tattoo-inspired wraparound center band. The bands are glazed in vintage hues of green and then wiped to best present the intricate detailing! We wanted to give the ever-popular coconut mug a new twist and our result is perhaps the most unique and creative coconut mug in existence! Marqo Coco measures 4” in height and has a sizable capacity, coming in at 20 fluid ounces." This is the green colorway ceramic glazed coconut mug. Hand wash.

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