Sea Captain Crew Socks - Cats Like Us
Sea Captain Crew Socks - Cats Like Us
Sock It to Me

Sea Captain Crew Socks

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Sock It To Me writes, "Someone call Jack Sparrow, because this Sea Captain looks like he's been making out with the Kraken! And he's not the first man to end up with a squid beard. Legend has it, if you wear these socks into the ocean you slowly start to turn into a Cephalopod. While that may come in handy for multitasking, I don't think it would go over too well with the ladies." These crew socks are yellow with blue heels and toes with a Captian with a tentacle beard smoking a pipe. 57% cotton, 41% polyester, 2% spandex.
Approximately fits men's shoe 7-13.

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