Silver Gear Tie Tack - Cats Like Us
Silver Gear Tie Tack - Cats Like Us
Rat Bastard Rockabilly

Silver Gear Tie Tack

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Are you living a double life between home and the office? One side lives for the buzz and sting of a tattoo machine and the other side enjoys having food on the table. Born from the love of everything tattoo and frustration of being limited to what the big stores wanted to provide to the white collar workers, we have Rat Bastard Rockabilly Tie Tacks. Handcrafted from polymer clay and painted with acrylic paints, each tack is mounted with a high quality base and clasp with a chain. Rat Bastard Rockabilly Tie Tacks are sure to accent your ensemble while merging the one side of your life with the other. This one is a silver gear. These tacks look awesome paired up with our Rat Bastard skinny ties! (Note: The tie tack pin back has a spring mechanism, so all you have to do is squeeze the center of it to release. Don't just try to pull it apart.)

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