Zoot Suit Manly Floral Pomade - Cats Like Us
Zoot Suit Manly Floral Pomade - Cats Like Us
PompKing Pomade

Zoot Suit Manly Floral Pomade

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Zoot Suit has a manly floral scent. Pompking describes it as, "a very masculine, yet floral, eau de cologne; suitable as a night-on-the town scent. The scent and name are reminiscent of the cats back in the day getting all suited up ready for a night with their ladies at a dive jazz club or something! Love it! You've just finished ironing your shirt and shined up your shoes before throwin' on your favorite threads, the whole time feeling like you smell like a million bucks. Again, the scent is strong, but no worries, roll down the windows of your ranfla, one arm around your lady, cruising down the boulevard with Pompking's Zootsuit subtly whispering in the air." It is a light hold with high shine. PompKing Pomades is a small pomade home-brew. They dedicate themselves to producing high quality products with locally sourced high quality ingredients. They create hair products for any cool cat or kitten looking for height or stability on their mane. Ingredients: coconut oil, microwax, petroleum.

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