Living Dead Souls

Black Dice Gingham Doll Corset

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This is a heavy nice quality corset. It is made of black and white gingham dice fabric with flexible boning, halter straps, large bow for lacing up the back, a vanity panel behind the lace up that can be worn to show or tucked in. It's lined in a soft black cotton fabric and the front clasps have a fuzzy soft lining behind them for comfort. It also has little loops along the bottom you can attach garters to. Outer shell is 40% polyester, 30% viscose, 27% nylon, and 3 % spandex, the lining is 100% cotton. Dry clean only. (Please note: The measurements listed are the tightest the corset can be tied. Normally your measurement is 4 inches larger than the size you buy, so if you have a 34 inch bust you would order a small with a 30 inch bust. OR You can order a medium with a 32 inch bust if you don't want it super tight.)

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