Trailer Trash Wooden Handbag

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All I can say is what an amazing work of art that's FUN-ctional! These handbags are all one of a kind signed and numbered on the bottom by DeTiki, a husband and wife team that specialize in hand carved, lovingly burned and grained wood primitive purses and wood sculptures. Is it made of wood? Yes! It's carved and pieced together to make the coolest handbag you've ever seen. Much like the vintage wooden box purses, these are heavy-duty life-long pieces. Each bag usually has at least 12 hours of work into it. This purse features a turquoise and white "canned ham" trailer with two pink flamingos carved on both sides and it's lined in black felt with a marblized light pink swirl handle. It has a latch closing in the front with two hinges on the back. They also guarantee all purse hardware for the life of the purse! You can't beat that, but you could easily beat someone with this bag. DeTiki writes, "Now if you ever need to smack someone upside the head with one and it breaks, well that is on you. (no guarantee on hardware) We would love to see the Youtube video though. Instant discount on a replacement." Yes, they have a sense of humor too. The base measures about 6.5 inches wide, about 5.5 inches high and 4 inches deep.

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