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How to Care for Hair Flowers and Bows

Posted Julie Ann Davis Hair Style

If you’re like me you tend to buy, make, and trade hair flowers and bows with girlfriends. They are a nice, retro inspired finishing touch to an outfit and look great on all hair lengths and textures--but how do you take care of them and store them? (How not to store them, thrown into a drawer!)   When you buy hair flowers or bows, even before you wear them, be sure to examine how they’re made. Some are better put together than others and depending on what they’re made from, you may want to add a little “TLC” of your...

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How to Speak Hip : 50s & 60s Slang

Posted Andrea P Lifestyle

Like, stick with me here, cats, I'm going to lay it out for you, dig?   There's a special place in my heart for beatniks. Whether its Maynard G Krebbs or teen sexploitation films like Beat Girl to B horror flicks like Bucket of Blood, I find the beatnik fascinating.     For those of us not old enough to have lived through the late 50s and 60s, I am certain that the stereotypical beatnik in media is not exactly reality. But that doesn't mean I enjoy it any less, and the slang of the 50s and 60s beatnik is...

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