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Hello Dolls! I'm playing with a site called Polyvore, it's a great online tool to help you build outfits. Since Cats Like Us makes it so easy and fun to shop, I thought I'd share some mixin' and matchin' ideas. I'm still new to Polyvore, but I think you'll all pick up what I'm putting down. *Wink*

We all get stuck in fashion ruts and may ask ourselves the old question, “Does this go?”. It's hard to take a fashion plunge and step outside your comfort zone, and whether you're a fashionista or striving to find your own unique style, it can be frustrating and a little confusing. Outfit building is a little like building a cake, you need to find all the right ingredients, then put the layers together, and put the icing on top. Of course, in what order you build the cake, err..outfit is entirely up too you.

Be Bold!

Cats Like Us Bold Prints

Don't be afraid of bold colors and big prints for this summer, try slipping into the Pink Garden Isle Dress by Shabby Apple. Working with the theme of bold colors, I accessorized the dress by bringing out the most subtle color in the print as a way to avoid being so matchy-matchy with your accessories and shoes. Since the dress is mostly pinks, oranges and hints of yellow, I choose to bring out the yellow with the Tiki Skull Flower and Hula Pin Up Box Style Handbag (both) by Viva Marina Dulce. Working around the main color being pink, I choose neutral colored shoes with an added detail of interest, like the clear flats (to the left) by Chinese Laundry, or for dresser look, the Irregular Choice heels (to the right) that are beige and white with a scalloped, floral-like shape. Don't be afraid to mix patterns with texture and shine, as this will bring visual interest to the outfit and tie all the pairings together. The right accessories and shoes is like putting the proper punctuation on a complete sentence. Say it with me, “We won't be afraid of prints no longer!”.

 Oh my god! Shoes! 

Cats Like Us-All Over Print Heels

It's often advised to not build an outfit around a pair of shoes, but in this case, I did! (Muahahhaa!) I choose the calavera skull heels by T.U.K Shoes with a color palatte of pink, blue, black and white, and matched the all-over-print shoes with the Pink and Ruthless Dress by Steady Clothing. Okay Okay, I'm using pink again, but this dress is a hot lil' number and goes so well with the heels! I mean come on, it's summer, give pink a try. *Wink* The rest of the accessories fall into place with the color scheme, the Large White Rose Hair Flower by Zombetty Bows and the Mini Zebra Handbag by Dungaree Dolly, go nicely with the white background in the shoes. So, I broke a golden rule of outfit building, I believe rules were meant to be broken!


Put it in neutral....

Pairing two neutrals together, like the Sneak Preview Cut Out Top by Steady Clothing with the grey Vogue Pencil Skirt by Heartbreaker Clothing, is an outfit that is so full of possibilities! It's like a blank canvas, so let your imagination run wild! Using neutrals like; grey, brown and black allows you to mix patterns, prints and you can really pile on the fun accessories. My personal favorite way to shine, is bringing in some kitschy retro pieces into an outfit, like the Hula Cuties Zip Wallet by Fluff and the Tiki Lounge Perfect Bag by Dunagree Dolly. Of course, infusing Tiki into this neutral outfit is what I love, choose what you love! But here's another neutral pairing idea.......


Neutrals 2

They say you can't always view the world in black and white, yet you can dress like it is! The Ruffled Up Pencil Skirt by Steady Clothing takes a basic black skirt and adds some va va voooom! with a cute back bow and flirty three tiered rear ruffle. The Cream Lace Cardigan Sweater by Switchblade Stiletto adds even more ruffled cuteness to this pairing, I really love the versatility of a cardigan sweater as it can be worn year round. Now, I know I may be scaring a few of you with some bold prints and foreign concepts of mixing and matching, so I'm doing a little more modern retro-inspired outfit for gals who love cherries and animal prints. Yes! cherries and leopard print can be combined, especially when you're working with accessories. I like to think of animal prints as a neutral (especially cheetah print and leopard,) as you can pair it with all sorts of colors, like; red, blue, pink, purple, black, etc. In this outfit I'm pairing the Sunset Leopard Hair Danna by Lil' Darlin Accessories with a pair of ladies star leopard print creepers by T.U.K Shoes, adding the Black Cherry Mini Messenger by Dungaree Dolly and a pair of the Black Silver Seam Tights by Leg Avenue. Also, wearing a fun tank top like the Lucky In Love Tank Beater by Ink Cartel under the Cream Lace Cardigan Sweater will have you looking adorable no matter what the weather! I think this outfit would be comfortable wearing to a car show or hanging out to watch a band at your local watering hole. My feet are letting out a sigh of relief just looking at those comfy and cute creepers!

*Phew!* That was a mouth full, but I hope you got some ideas about retro-inspired mixing and matching. I bid you happy wardrobe building and remember to buy what you love, choose what fits your figure and what makes you feel extra sassy!


-Meagan Kyla

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