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Now I'm feeling zombified, by Bloodbath products that is! The San Diego based bath and body company who's tag line reads, “Your flesh is dying for it....”, is not only catchy, but your skin (dead or alive) will thank you. Whether you love zombies, horror, or just have a morbid sense of humor, Bloodbath products really are to die for (har har), check out what Cats Like Us has in the store......

bloodbath lip balm.jpg

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“Kiss Me Deadly” Lip Embalms are vegan friendly fiendishly delightful lip balms that will keep those 'creature of the night' lips from cracking and falling right off! Let's face it, you can't go around giving those vampire kisses with dry lips, all the other vampires will laugh at gravely embarrassing!

Embalm your lips in these flavors:

Gaspberry Lemonade
Boo Berry
Petrifying Pomegranate
Coffin Candy
Deadly DaLeche
Death By Chocolate
Mango Murder
Creepy Colada

 bloodbath solid perfume.jpg

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Have you ever heard the death rattles and moans all around you? It's probably because you've got some sort of skeleton rot happening under those armpits, P.U! Everyone wants a 'fresh out of the grave' smell, so indulge in the Bloodbath Solid Prefume pocket size tins. The solid perfume is long lasting, covenient for travel and will help fight off the demon funk from coming back!


Amber Vanilla
Lavender Vanilla
Pomegranate Yuzu
Cleopatras Curse
Frankincense & Myrhh

Here are some other great spooky inspired items that Cats Like Us have 'dug up' for you.....


The Movie Monster Bucket Bag by Viva Dulce Marina is the perfect vessel to hold your Bloodbath products, implements of torture (aka your cosmetic bag) and any other secrets a ghoulina like yourself may need. Grab up this bag in the movie monster print, as this is the second printing of this wonderful fabric, and is sure to soon to be R.I.P due to the high demand!


Check out the Skull Scroll Swing Dress by Living Dead Souls, which pairs perfectly with the Movie Monster Bucket Bag. Perfect swing dress to wear when your rattling your bones at the next (psycho) sock hop or when going out to grab a late night snack. *wink* 


Every zombie pin up needs some hair decor and the Zombie Senorita Hair Bow by Graveside Looks is just the ticket. The hair bow was hand sewn in the USA, so no real zombies were harmed in the making.


Shrunken head for all occassions? Why yes, I believe even ghoulina's get the chills (especially when we're shopping at Cats Like Us, me-OW), so snuggle up with the Purple Shrunken Head Cardigan by Viva Dulce Marina. 

Closer look of the embroidered shrunken head:


More items that have risen from the grave.......


Back in stock, the Lily Munster women's t-shirt by Rock Rebel.

Thanks for reading!


-Meagan Kyla

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