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But What to Buy?

‘Tis the season to shop ‘til you drop, but sometimes it’s not that easy, especially when you have someone that’s hard to buy for. Hopefully Cats Like Us can give you some last minute shopping ideas to save you from buying a dullsville gift.


I haven’t been in the holiday spirit simply because there was no snow in Buffalo, NY until a few days ago. That’s quite unusual for this time of year. I find it difficult to Christmas shop without snow and as a result my holiday cheer has been a little….well, “delayed”. I’m not one to procrastinate, so I shop for the easy presents first and save the hard ones for last. Here are some helpful hints on what to buy those hard-to-buy-for gift recipients….

The Cooler Than You

There’s always that one person who you’re friends with that you think is cooler than you. This person is always out and about with the coolest newest whatever it might be, knows all that’s going on and buys the coolest newest for themselves before you even know it’s the coolest newest, so you don’t know what to get them. Well, we have some really fun little gift items that are cheap, so you can have a grouping of the coolest newest to give them! Groups of bracelets, skinny ties, compact mirrors etc. Check out the Hollywood Mirror Brand Page and you’re sure to find something for that cool cat. Don’t worry, once they receive it, YOU are sure to be the coolest in their mind!



The Hipster

I don’t understand the fashion aesthetic of a hipster because everything they are sporting I or my grandma wore in 1983. So what to get this highly fashionable on trend person? Think about an Auxiliary Magazine. We have lots of print copies to chose from and any issue will introduce said Hipster to alternative fashion editorials with an edge, not to mention beautiful photography, music reviews, art, and many new clothing brands and even designers. I say pick the one with your favorite cover and go from there!



The Grandma or Grandma Type

Speaking of grandma, she has everything you could possible need or want and is humbled by it. She doesn’t ask for anything and doesn’t want clutter, but you want to get her a little something to unwrap along with the family. Consider our Kitch Kitchen Towels. They are not only cute, but useful too. We have holiday patterns with evergreen trees or Christmas ornaments that are festive, but you can keep it simple with an apple or cherry pattern as well. I’ve sold a lot of these and so many people not only use them for drying dishes, but for table runners, table cloths, add-ons to kitchen gift baskets and I even had a customer buy two of the same print to make café curtains out of them! So these are not only cute, but useful too.




You know, those people you kind of know? For example, I know my hair dresser does my hair great and she knows my life story, but all I know is that she does hair? OR your dog walker, cleaning staff, mail carrier, manicurist, massager, etc, etc. We have a nice Items Under $20 section on our website that can help you! This way you can pick out something you think they might like and if they don’t think it’s the most fabulous thing in the world, you didn’t break the bank. The items in this section start at $1.99 and include hair accessories, After Shave, Monster Joke Book, Big Band CD, mittens and lots more sure to inspire you. Heck you might even find a few goodies for yourself!



For Anyone

If you're still stumped, and want to give those hard-to-buy-for friends and relatives something to make their season bright -- consider a Cats Like Us Gift Certificate! They are available on-line in $25, $50, and $100 increments. Gift certificates can be redeemed in store AND on-line and never expire or depreciate in value.

You can shop for Cats Like Us gift certificates here:



To Make a Gift Certificate or Gift Card REALLY Stand Out

Put a little gift certificate or card in one of the Dungaree Dolly Mini Bags or Change Purses from Cats Like Us. These charming bags come in lots of prints befitting that discerning gift receiver and double as a convenient goodie bag for when the gift inside is long gone.


The Mini size is great as a wallet, wristlet, makeup bag, pencil case, coupon holder, and all around organizer. The Change Purse size can be used as a change purse, wallet, camera or phone bag, so handy for those on the go, or if you switch purse a lot!

Oops, must have lost track of time – I have to get going and finish up my shopping! Bye for now and have a great holiday no matter what you are celebrating!

~Julie Ann


P.S. Remember to place your online orders from by Sunday December 18 to get them by Dec. 24!

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