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Dear Cats like Us

When you are little you’re told, "It's what's on the inside that counts." Call me old fashioned, but I agree. In society and media today, so much pressure is put on women and men to look a certain way. It's just so…well superficial. It makes me very sad for children and young people to feel pressure to look like what we are shown is "beautiful" without anyone knowing what those people are like on the inside.

What is "beautiful" is subjective. By definition "beauty" is "the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that give pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit." I have to say I’m pretty liberal when it comes to things that are beautiful. This may have to do with my background in Art History as a quiet observer writing down everything I see, or my being raised to appreciate everything around you. You might not know me personally, but I can find good inside everyone. In my mind, that goodness can make a person beautiful.

On a related topic, I receive a lot of emails, and they always range a little by subject matter. Sometimes they are questions about fit, donating to charities, people wanting to sell me their merchandise, and Andrew and I are always happy to answer them. A few weeks ago I received an unusual email that I never would have expected from a local customer and I’d like to share it with you….

"Dear Cats Like Us, I am writing to say thank you. According to statistics I am the same size, height, and weight as the average American woman. However, in this day and age when every picture of a woman in a magazine and online has been photo shopped and retouched it just doesn't seem like that is possible. It can sometimes be hard to shop for clothes online or in catalogues because the models just don't look like me. Thank you Julie Ann for modeling the clothes for your store in the online photos. It is refreshing to be able to shop on a website and be able to imagine what your clothes would look like on me - a real, natural, average woman. You are beautiful Julie Ann! Thanks for keeping it real, C"

You can image this made me feel pretty good. I’m sure there are many of you thinking ---"I look nothing like the model." In fact, I know there are many of you thinking that because I have proof in the other emails I receive. I have received an email stating, "You need to get a better looking model." Or "I wear a 44DD bra and I think your model needs more curves." Or "Would you like to model for a UK brand?" Yes, I read those emails too and respond. And yes, I am the model on the website. I use the term "model" very loosely because I am more of a mannequin for the clothes, nothing more.

Julie Ann manequin for Cars Like Us Clothing

The measurements are listed for each garment and if you have specific size questions I am happy to answer them the best I can. We order clothes from different brands and they are the ones who decide on what the measurements are, not me. Not everything will fit everyone perfectly, but we try to take the guess work out of it by listing measurements and responding to emails about size.

My main goal when opening Cats Like Us was to sell fun clothes that make people smile---Not make people criticize each other and customers to feel bad about their size. I want you to feel great in the clothes you buy from us. I believe I sell cute clothes to beautiful people! Thank you for all of your continued support!


Your mannequin,

Julie Ann

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