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Hey cats and kittens! Here's an interview with Lucky Hellcat, the gal behind a whole series of low brow, KICK A$$ T shirts from Cartel Ink, and a whole lot more! !! h3.

Tell us a about the lady behind LH. Did you take formal artistic training? What do you enjoy outside of your work? Well a little bit about Me, I’ve always loved art and crafting since I was a kid. My parents would always try their best to have gotten me supplies to draw and color. Painting started mid first grade when my teacher chose me to paint in front of the class what I loved the most. I ended up painting me holding a huge chocolate donut.  Ever since then the Artistic madness became an addiction and a passion. I had taken an Art class in High School and I had a Teacher who always believed in me and she never let me give up. There were some times that I became side tracked as a teenager and almost gave up, but she told me if I stopped I would of hated myself. I’m glad I listened to her. College came rite after and I decided to take a course, which open more my eyes to love and embraced this god given talent that just came natural. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Outside of work which Art has recently became my full time job, I like to go to Psychobilly / Rockabilly shows here in Los Angeles with my husband and Best friend. I also enjoy traveling, going to book stores and Art shows. I mostly get inspired by doing that.

!! h3.

How did you get started? It all started officially in 2001 when I met my husband and he pushed me to follow my dreams.   h3. The artwork on your T shirts is really great.

What medium do you work with to make your original artwork? Is that the first artwork you've has mass produced? Thank you very much! The mediums I love to work with are Acrylic, Urethanes, Candy Colors and Metal Flake. Some of the little extras I like to use are Swarovski crystals, I glue them on the actual Canvas Paintings or on the Ceramic Busts that I also Paint. I’d have to say that the first art work I’ve massed produced and sold by the hundreds throughout the years are the Ceramic Elvis Busts that I’ve been painting for over 13 years. I was recently blessed and fortunate to have met Carlos owner of Cartel Ink Shirts who believed in my art work and took the plunge to invest 100% in me and made majority of my designs come to life on a t-shirt.

!! h3. Your work is kitchy and low brow and super fun.

What are your main influences? Well I have to say that majority of influences come from the love I have for the early 60’s fashion, hair and make-up and tattoos! Also the love I have for Art Deco, Vintage Fashion and Old Hollywood Glam and Beauty. I can’t get enough of it. h3.

You work in lots of different media? What is your favorite and why? Recently I have to say Canvas work. It’s more fun to do whatever you want and wait to hear what people have to say, which 99% of the time are nice comments haha! The 1% id have to say are the ones that pick my Brain and don’t understand what I’m doing.

!! h3.

On average how much time is invested to complete a new painting/design? Well honestly my Brain is constantly thinking of what to do next while I’m working on the painting that I just thought of a few hours earlier.  If I can average the hours on a painting id have to say I can have one done in 4-9 hours (if it’s not that complicated) if I sit down and do my job. I work almost every day but in the night not only on my canvas work but also on painting my Elvis ceramic busts and my mermaids and jewelry that I hand make from scratch off of resin and glitter. I tend to get side tracked a lot since I have so many things in my art room that distract me. Haha! !! h3. What is your all-time favorite design you have created and why? I’d have to say that my All-time Favorite Design I painted is the "Switchblade Babe" painting. She is the reason why I have a passion and madness for painting beautiful bad girls with a badass attitude. Something different that catches the eye and makes you feel kool! Haha! h3. What are you the most proud of in your work and why? I can honestly say that I’m very proud to have learned to not only paint woman but to have created my own style that you can say "Hey That's Lucky Hellcats work". h3. What can we expect to see coming soon from LH? Well I'd like to hopefully get some stickers going on here and maybe have my art be featured in more Magazines and be invited to more art shows. Maybe also do a book? And also travel outside the United States and meet more people and physically talk to them about art. h3. Do you have a website? How can people find you?    You can find me on at: "": or "": And follow me on Instagram: lucky_hellcat h4. A big thanks to Lucky Hellcat for taking the time for the interview! "And of course you can find lots of her designs for sale at Cats Like Us":

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