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pink plastic flamingos

                              Pink Flamingo lawn ornaments

It's the pink flamingo, those long-legged birds that are synonymous with kitsch. Oh yes, this girl loves kitsch and when kitsch is paired with those pink feathered friends it equals true cheestastic love.

*Sigh* <3

The pink flamingo lawn ornament was born in 1957 by sculptor Don Featherstone who worked for the Union Product (a plastic company), who later helped spawn the lawn ornament revolution. The pink flamingo was a popular decoration that adorned many lawns all over the United States, but sadly had its fall from grace in the 60s and nearly went extinct! What was the world thinking!?

retro pink flamingo clothing

left-Melody Flamingo Swing Skirt right-50s Flamingo Swing Skirt

Cue the 70s and with John Waters' film Pink Flamingos, the king of trash films featured our bird friends surrounding the pink trailer that Babs Johnson (aka Divine) is living out of with her derranged family. As a result, the pink flamingo was seen as a symbol of rebellion, bad taste, ridiculousness and ironic kitsch. Yay! I give John Waters credit for helping me love trailers, trailer parks and pink flamingos, all of which paint a lovely trash-tastic pop culture picture!

John Waters with pink flamingo

Hey John! Be nice. Heheh!

Next time you see your own or other peoples pink flamingos perched on the lawn, stop and give them a salute as they've earned their place as the Queens of Kitsch.

 pink flamingo tattoo by Derek Hendrickson

Check out my saucy bird who lives on my leg. *Wink*

XOXO-Meagan Kyla

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My daughter loves these & I went out & bought as many as I could find. While she was at work, I put them all over the front yard & made a sign that said" You’ve been flocked."

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