The Legacy of Pan Am Bags: Now Available at Cats Like Us!

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first class flying on pan am airlines in the 60s

During the jetsetting days of 1960s and in the 1970s, the first class passengers of Pan American World Airways would receive a Pan Am logo bag at check-in. These travel bags were held in high regard as only the rich and famous could afford to have the luxury of toting these iconic pieces of luggage around. Though the status of flying first class in today's modern world has changed and become more affordable, the legacy of the Pam Am Bags still live on in their own brand of luggage and accessories. 


pan am legacy in london

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We're all pretty excited to have Pan Am bags added to our list of vendors and neat retro products that we carry in the store and on-line! 


We're proud to announce some styles that we're going to carry:

pan am innovartor retro handbags

Pan Am Originals : Innovator in black, light blue and blue. This messanger style bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, heavy duty metal zipper and pockets for organization.


pan am mini explorer bag

Pan Am Originals: Mini Explorer Bag in blue. This bag has a double strap, heavy duty metal zipper and is a great everyday bag or handy carry-on travel bag.


These jetsetting bags are very versatile, slide the Innovator Bag around you for a scooter ride on your Vespa (or Lambretta!), or to tote around all your roller derby gear. The Mini Explorer Bag is great for makeup artist's, hair stylist's, and models to take to and from pin-up photo shoots, those retro rockabilly stylings need lots of eyeliner, hairspray and bobby pins. *Wink*

We plan on carrying other Pan Am Bag styles, so stay informed with the Cats Like Us Facebook page and signing up for our Cats Like Us Newsletter for the latest and greatest!

So-get ready all you groovy jetsetters, it's time to book a trip, Pan Am bags are here!


XOXO-Meagan Kyla

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