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Rita Hayworth Thanksgiving

Rita Hayworth : photo source

The sights and sounds of the holiday season is upon us (like Christmas music already playing in retail stores and on the radio, ack!) and with Thanksgiving Day right around the corner, let's reminisce about all the delicious recipes advertised during the by-gone eras of the 40s and 50s. Let's explore these times when Jell-o, Spam and Lard reigned supreme, and butter was a way of life! We're hearkoning to a time before Adkins or low-carb anything, when there was no such thing as being on a diet during the holidays. Though some these recipes may sound revolting, they are all part of our Americana history!

SPAM thanksgiving retro ad

photo source : pinterest

"Just wrap thin slices of Spam around your favorite stuffing, fasten with toothpicks"

retro ad jello and turkey

photo source: The Kitsch Bitsch

Turn those leftovers into a turkey salad surrounded by a sea of Jell-o! Mmmmm, mmmmm!

retro thanksgiving ad cranberry candles

photo source : pinterest

"You'll start a whole new holiday tradition....serve cranberry 'candles' as your salad". Look at that, you can eat the decorations!

retro thanksgiving ad hot Dr. Pepper

photo source : Autostraddle

 "It's deliciously different." Hot Dr. Pepper, no thanks.

And last but not least.....

retro thanksgiving ad Camel cigarettes

photo source : pinterest

Camel cigarette's for dessert? "Good food and good tobacco go together naturally".  Yikes!

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations, perhaps you'll find some inspiration from these retro vintage ads! *Wink*


XOXO-Meagan Kyla


Tagged: lifestyle

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