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Devil Chicken Design Felt Up Crafts


We love to have in-store events at Cats Like Us and on December 8, 2013 we had the dynamic duo of Chris Galley of Devil Chicken Design and Joanne Galley of Felt Up Crafts. Not only does this married couple have intriguing (and humorous) artistic handles, they are both totally rad people who I call my friends. When they aren't teaching art to students, playing with their Boston Terriers or traveling the world, they are getting crafty with Chris' skull-a-licious hand painted ornaments (and other assorted madness) and Joanne's creative and felty alternative styled Christmas tree skirts. 

I decided to pick their brains while they were hanging out with us at Cats Like Us....and they really don't mind since they love zombies. Get it? Brains. Zombies? Okay, moving along.


Where did the names Devil Chicken Designs and Felt Up Crafts come from?

Chris: The name Devil Chicken goes all the way back to playing Dungeons and Dragons when you had to pick a player name and it's just stuck since then.

Joanne: Felt Up Crafts is a combination of working with felt and having a good sense of humor!

(The Tiki skirt to the right is mine!)


Where does your inspiration come from?

They both look and point at each other. 

Chris, why skulls on the ornaments?

Chris: It started out by me making a set of Day of the Dead skull ornaments as a Christmas gift for Joanne. We got a lot of positive comments from people and how much they liked them, so the skulls started off as a gift for my wife. I know make between 300-400 hand painted ornaments, per year, for the past 3-4 years.


Where can we find you online? Do you have an etsy shop?

Joanne: No etsy shop, but we're on Facebook and Instagram (details below)

Chris: I have a web site, that features the ornaments and my lowbrow art and design.


What's in-store for 2014?

Chris: We are looking for a city (Buffalo) location for the Voodoo and Burnt Rubber event that we hosted last year. 


How do you like working with Cats Like Us?

Both: It's awesome! Woooo!

Thank you to both Chris and Joanne for putting up with me asking a bunch of questions and giving us some awesome answers. I hope you go check out both Devil Chicken Design and Felt Up Crafts at the links provided below!


Chris Galley:

+Devil Chicken Design

+Facebook page


Joanne Galley:

+Felt Up Crafts

+Facebook page



Happy Holidays!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla

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