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In your city, in your town, and even in your neighborhood, you probably have a barber who can style you a great pompadour. If you're looking for a guy, ask a local clothing store or car club - they should be able to set you straight.

If you happen to be in the Buffalo, NY area, you're in luck -- one of those barbers is Tom Cat. I caught up with him recently and asked him a few questions while he was working his magic on my hair!

Interview with Tom Cat the rockabilly barber


A How did you get started cutting hair?

My grandfather was a barber had his own shop on the old west side when it was all Italian, and my father was also a barber too, so I'm from a long line of barbers. I learned the trade from them both. Back when straight razors were honed and stroped in house, a barber shop was a place where a man could go to get away and get a hot towel shave.


How long have you been cutting?

I've been cutting hair now for about 14yrs.


You mention the rockabilly/psychobilly culture. What other influences do you have?

A lot of my influences were the old movies from the 40's and 50's including westerns, gangster, and action movies. When men still kept up on their hair, went to the barber frequently, and shaved. Not the long hair hippy days that have came back. I'd like to bring back the clean cut well groomed gentleman! I'm also influenced by the finest barber shops from nyc to california .. Even Europe and the Schorem barbershop in Rotterdam Holland.


What do you consider to be the perfect pompadour? Who rocks it best?

To me my dad had an awesome pomp, and he got that from Elvis -- the King -- and Elvis got it from Tony Curtis. James Dean had a good one and of course Gene Vincent.


When you're styling a pomp, what product do you like to use?

I really like Suavecito products. They brought back the feel of the traditional pomades without being sticky or heavy. Also their shave products are very good. I use them all. Of course I also do flat tops, detroits, princetons, quiffs, razor fades, high and tights, flat top with fenders, DA's, pomp with a part, crew cuts, mohawks, psycho cuts, and contours too. Classic and vintage cuts!

Interview with Tom Cat the rockabilly barber. Suavecito

Any final words?

Yeah i am just glad that the appreciation for real barbershops is coming.back getting away from the supercuts and salon spas of the day, having a place where theres old tv westerns and shows on. get a real hair cut a hot towel shave and feel good about bein a man again! Put on some bay rum and look good. Real barbers . for the real deal!


Come visit me on the island Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays - no calling for appointment:

The Real Barbers
2379 Grand Island Blvd
Grand Island, NY 14072


Big thanks for the interview!


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