Elvis : The King of Fashion

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Elvis 1950s mens fashion

I have to ponder with Elvis' birthday that just past, what would he have been wearing to his 80th birthday party? Throughout his life he was a trendsetter, an inspiration and someone who wasn't afraid to express his individuality. From his pompadour hair do' to his iconic leather suit to his over-the-top jumpsuits, he wasn't just the King of rock n' roll, he was the king of fashion in his day!

Elvis 1950s mens fashion

Hair is perfect and perfectly accessorized with the watch and pinky ring.

Elvis 1950s mens fashion

Western style suit with pointy cuban heel boots, so handsome!

Elvis 1950s mens fashion. Elvis and Johnny Cash

Elvis helping Johnny Cash with his hair. That Western shirt is amazing!

Elvis in leather suit. 1966 comeback special

All in leather with messy hair, me-OW!

Elvis gold suit jacket. 1950s 1960s

The King sure did love gold lamé and it sure did look good on him.

Elvis Presley

Those iconic glasses!

Elvis Presley

A personal favorite look of Elvis', those kitsch-tastic jumpsuits!

Happy Birthday to the King, Elvis Presley!

What is your favorite Elvis fashions?

-Meagan Kyla

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Hail to the King, baby! If you ever start carrying the zip-up jackets with the racing stripe like he wore in Speedway, let me know.

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