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Bomb Girls style inspiration: Denim Overalls by Nicole Katherine Designs paired with Red Sugar Cuff Sweater, Poodles Rosie Scarf Bandana and Vintage Black Fan Earrings by Match Accessories.

I'm a historical drama buff, so when I was searching through Netflix for something to watch, I stopped and gave the mini-drama series, Bomb Girls a try. Let's just say I was instantly hooked!

The show starts in 1941 during World War II in a Canadian munitions factory. The story follows four main female characters who's lives are effected by; the war, working in a "man's work place", personal struggles and discovering themselves along the way. I really enjoyed the story plot and find it very interesting that the story is based in Canada, especially when I've mostly seen World War II historical dramas taking place in the United States, Germany or Britian.

Although the women are mostly seen dressed in their munitions factory approved uniform, there is plenty of 1940s eye candy to drool over. 

Wonderful crepe dresses, hats and gloves with bow details, amazing gathered skirts and men in suits with perfectly parted hair. Here is an awesome blog about dresses 1940s!

Sadly there are only two seasons of Bomb Girls and then the show was cancelled. Many people are rallying for the show to be saved like, and there is a movie, Bomb Girls-Facing the Enemy, which has won several Canadian Screen Awards. This is just reminding me that I need to see this movie!

So, if you're a 1940s fanatic, make sure you see Bomb Girls!

-Meagan Kyla

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