Bettie Page's Style

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We are all familiar with a nude or next-to-nude Bettie Page the pin-up model, but what was Bettie's personal fashion style? What did she like to wear other than her wonderful handmade lingerie? Was she a fashion icon in the making? You betcha!

"I never kept up with the fashions. I believed in wearing what I thought looked good on me"-Bettie Page

Bettie Page's style. Fashion retro clothing

Oh Bettie, I think you look great wearing fitted sweaters and pencil skirts. Bettie liked to show off her figure and looked sexy with and without clothing! 

Lounging in a striped wiggle dress with a beautiful collar that frames her face beautifully.

Bettie Page's style

Bettie with her Mother. I'm loving the details on the capri pants and the delicate bow in her hair. It also wouldn't be fair not to mention Mrs. Page's wonder frock!

Bettie Page with soliders

Bettie looks effortless in this one strap swing dress with matching belt. Even though she's  been quoted saying, "I was never the girl next door", she certainly has an innocent look about her.

Bettie Page red dress

Looking ravishing in a red satin swing style dress with white pearls, very 1950s glamour!

A little bit more of a conservative style, but boy did she loved her strappy heels!

She didn't accessorize a lot, but when she it was subtle with beautiful touches, like the silver bows on her dress. She knows that a sweetheart neckline looks lovely on her figure!

It's not hard to see why Bettie Page has been a influence on woman in not only sexual expression and freedom, but as a style icon. Her effortless beauty is timeless and she will forever live on!

Perhaps there is a little Bettie Page is in all us retro lovin' gals. *Wink*


Pink Leopard Cropped Cardigan

Black Joni Pencil Skirt

Heels-Model's own

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-Meagan Kyla

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