The Prolific Photography of Nina Leen

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Portrait of photographer Nina Leen

Portrait of photographer Nina Leen

I have to admit Nina Leen was not on my radar when I was studying photographers while in school. I focused on fashion photographers like; Ellen von Unworth, David LaChapelle and loved the surrealistic photography of Salavador Dali and my all time favorite, Man Ray. Some how, Nina Leen's photography was never mentioned nor was I hip to knowing how much her prolific fashion photography was exactly the sort of art that I needed to know and study!

Nina Leen contributed to TIME Magazine for many years from 1940-1972, with her photography gracing over 50 covers. She documented the young culture and fashion of the 1940s and 1950s, and showed her love for animals throughout her photography career. 

You can learn more about her life in these great articles:

The Surreal World of Nina Leen

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Nina Leen photography:

Nina Leen Photography

Nina Leen Fashion Photography

Nina Leen Fashion Photography

 Nina Leen Fashion Photography

Nina Leen Fashion Photography

There are so many more amazing images created by Nina Leen that are pure eye candy. I can't wait to dive further in and learn more about this amazing photographer!

I hope you enjoyed exploring with me. Cheers!

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