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Kooky Spooky with The Munsters

Posted by: Andrew - Tue, 25 Oct 2011

I have some seriously great childhood memories. The neighborhood kids would ride bikes constantly, and only break for that occasional Atari game. In the Cub Scouts we once went camping, and my dad and I brought back a whole tree when we were asked to find kindling. Building forts and teepees in the back yard... and from the first time I saw them on TV in reruns, I loved The Munsters.

Americas Favorite Campy Hoor Family - The Munsters

For those of you who may NOT be familiar with the show, it was produced in the 60's when the nation's appetite for B horror movies was on the rise. The show centered around a family whose members were loosely based on the classic monsters. The series was a satire of both traditional monster movies and popular family entertainment of the era, such as Leave It to Beaver. [1] It aired back to back with The Addams Family, another delightfully wicked off kilter comedy. (Interestingly, 3:2 people preferred the Aadams Family in our survey from last week here

There was always something about the kitschy humor or comedically macabre sets that I really enjoyed. They were campy and clever, goofy and the sets visually striking. Over the years I have kept coming back to The Munsters when I found them in reruns, and was recently delighted to find them on Netflix Instant watch.

And so as we near Halloween (the other most wonderful time of the year) I thought it might be fun to look them up again and learn a thing or two. If there is any doubt if The Munsters are alive and well, then checkout this – a complete replica of the Munsters Mansion in (of all places) Texas:

"Situated just thirty miles south of Dallas Fort-Worth on the outskirts of the small Texas town of Waxahachie, the instantly recognizable home of televisions most fiendishly funny and 'abnormal' monster family stands forebodingly. Owned and built by Sandra and Charles McKee, the Munster Mansion (as it is now known) stands proud and shockingly accurate at over 5,000 square feet!"[2]

The real life replica of the Munsters Mansion, located near Dallas, TX

All I can say is the next time I'm in The Lone Star State I am visiting there! WOW!

If THAT weren't awesome enough, there appears to be a remake of The Munsters in the works. Yes, I hear you all collectively groaning, but if Bryan Fuller is at the helm, there may be hope. Anyways I'm glad theres a bit of a resurgence of interest in a show dear to many of us. You can read more about that here

the Munsters TV title

And if you in fact have no idea what I'm talking about, run—don't walk to your Netflix account and start watching. It would make great background viewing for that Halloween party or when you're giving out candy. Heck, put the TV on the porch and play it for the trick-or-treaters! And you can do it in style with a Munsters T shirt -- available at Cats Like Us of course!


The Munsters are sure to become part of your Halloween Tradition!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!








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